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Benefits of a career as a Central Coast GP

In your career as a GP practicing on the Central Coast, every day will be different.

The diversity of patients and medical presentations are the most enjoyable aspects for GPs who thrive on the variety and challenge of not knowing what will come through the door next.

It’s intellectually stimulating, and every day you will need to use the breadth of knowledge you learnt at medical school, not just a small part of it. It's a daily brainteaser that will keep you motivated and eager to keep up with the latest developments in medical diagnostics.

You’ll treat a range of patient presentations, from acute, complex, and chronic conditions through to the prevention of illness, early intervention and promotion of wellbeing and health.

Take advantage of the multiple medical facilities nearby.

Whilst the level of involvement you can have in your patient’s health is in your hands, you’ll also have access to a range of quality medical facilities and specialists within Central Coast or on the doorstep in Sydney or Newcastle.

Treat the patient, not just the illness.

As a GP working in a clinic on the Central Coast you will have the time to offer holistic continuity of care for your patients, not simply usher them in, write a prescription or a referral, and see them on their way.

Being a GP, you will get to experience the highs with the lows, treating not just sick patients but managing patients during positive times in their life, such as pregnancy. You’ll have the ability to be as involved in preventive health outcomes and treatments as you choose.

You will have the opportunity to build mutually rewarding long-term relationships as you treat patients and their families over their lifespan, making a real difference, not only in one life, but in many.

Make the choices best for you.

Choose where and how often you work, with options for full-time, contract, locum, or part-time work in the key hubs of Gosford and Wyong or any number of smaller practices within the suburbs and towns of the Central Coast.

GPs also can sub-specialise in a range of medical disciplines such as paediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, surgery, and research.

The opportunity can also be there to expand your medical career into academia and take advantage of the numerous relationships established between the Central Coast medical community and the higher education sector locally, nationally, and internationally.

Many of the local GPs have also put up their hand to participate in local health groups to better the outcomes for groups within the community.

Expand your GP career on the Central Coast

Being a GP is a challenging, rewarding, and varied vocation that combines great prospects with stability, family-friendly working hours and great career opportunities.