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Professional Certificate in Coordinated Care

The Professional Certificate in Coordinated Care credentials clinicians in the coordination of care that is person-centred, effective, efficient, research informed, collaborative and innovate.

Topics covered include the meaning of health, the impact of social determinants, diversity, risk, the important of the role of carers, families and working collaboratively with the broad network of service providers across health services and within the community.

Delivered in a series of structured modules (3 modules at a cost of $800 per module), allowing health professionals to work flexibly and build towards their professional certificate, the course is open to current clinicians and others with a bachelor-level degree in a health or related science.

Completion of all three modules can provide the student with 10 units of credit into an existing post-graduate program offered by the College of Health Medicine and Wellbeing (CHMW) – University of Newcastle.

Key Dates:

Enrolments open: 1st July 2024
Enrolments close: 26th July 2024
Start date: 26th July 2024
End date: 5th September 2024
Course fee: $800.00
Spots available: 30

Visit the Newcastle Academy of Health Professional Development Website to enrol.

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