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SafeSide - Suicide Prevention Workforce Training

SafeSide Prevention is delivering workforce training to Primary Care and Allied Health practices and professionals across Hunter, New England, and Central Coast in a hopeful, recovery-oriented approach to preventing suicide.

The program is aimed to enhance patient safety and recovery by educating all practice staff - think GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and reception staff, in evidence-based approaches to connecting around and responding to patient suicide risk.

SafeSide provides a clear framework for suicide prevention in primary care.
It's never easy, but now you have a map.

The training opportunity

The PHN, alongside SafeSide are hosting a series of online, hosted workshops presented by Dr Tony Pisani and the SafeSide team to guide you through the SafeSide framework and how to integrate it into your workplace.

The opportunity is to join other primary care or allied health professionals in a three-hour, guided InPlace workshop, taking the self-paced and team sessions out of the equation. This is not an information session, but a guided workshop, with the aim to upskill individual primary care providers.

Completing the workshop will give you a framework for responding to suicide concerns within the time and resource constraints of the primary care setting.

Whether it is your whole practice workforce, or just a single team member, the workshop opportunity is to get you involved in SafeSide and have access to a subscription that provides year round access to video-based training and interaction with experts and colleagues around the world.

How will it be run?

The workshops will be hosted through Zoom, for the four-hour duration.

The training is:
  • Practical - Tactics, tips, and wording you can use immediately.
  • Research-Based - Builds upon online modules currently featured in two federally funded research projects.
  • Flexible- Learn on your schedule, as a group or individually.
  • Sustainable - New providers, residents, and staff can be included any time.

Following the workshop, you will be trained in SafeSide suicide prevention and have access to a subscription to training materials, resources, and a community of practice to interact with others integrating SafeSide in their practices or organisations.

The PHN opportunity

The PHN is seeking primary care and allied health professionals to make this a priority. The new approach isn’t about a whole workforce, but the professionals who are seeking to learn more about suicide prevention tools to assist them with patients.

These InPlace workshops are not information sessions to gather information on the framework to take back to the team, they are the four-hour workshops which will talk you through implementation, patient risk and the four pillars of the framework in the primary care setting.

The PHN is funding subscriptions to SafeSide, on an individual basis, to encourage the uptake of the training.


Not only are the online InPlace events free to attend, but The PHN has funding to support the set-up of individual subscriptions in the region to undertake SafeSide Suicide prevention training, for over 12 months.

How to book into an InPlace workshop:

If this is something you would be interested in attending, please register through the Eventbrite links. There are two dates currently planned, one during the week and another on a Saturday.

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