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HNE Immunisation Pathways

The HNE HealthPathways remains updated to reflect the latest advice.

CC Immunisation Pathways

The CC HealthPathways remains updated to reflect the latest advice.

HNE Health

Hunter New England Population Health provides support & information to providers and the general community about immunisation, excluding travel vaccinations, to ensure our population has the opportunity to receive all recommended vaccines.

2022 DoH Influenza vaccination resources

A range of clinical and program support material to support health professionals and vaccination providers relating to the 2022 influenza vaccination program are now available.

Key points:

  • 2022 influenza vaccines for the National Immunisation Program will become available from 4 April through a range of providers including GPs, community health clinics and eligible pharmacies, subject to local supply arrangements in states and territories.
  • The public are encouraged to start to book their appointments from mid-April to ensure the best protection at the peak of the season which is usually between June and September.
  • Influenza vaccination is particularly important this year. With the easing of international and domestic public health measures arising from the COVID-19 global pandemic, a resurgence of influenza is expected in 2022, with the Australian community potentially more vulnerable to the virus this winter.
  • Influenza vaccines can be safely co-administered (on the same day) with COVID-19 vaccines.
  • The best protection this winter is for people to receive an influenza vaccine and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 including any recommended booster doses.

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