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What are our important health problems?

Chronic diseases

Lifestyle related chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are pressing issues for our communities and are leading to increased hospitalisations in the region. We have some of the highest rates of COPD (2nd highest rate out of the 31 PHNs) and circulatory system disease (6th highest) in Australia. In our discussion with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health service providers, chronic disease within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities was highlighted as a major issue. High rates of chronic disease are placing a burden on the health of our region and on the health system.

Mental health

Mental health is an area of concern in our community, with high rates of chronic mental and behavioural problems, as well as high rates of reported psychological distress, as shown below.

Limited access to mental health services reported in the rural areas, corresponds to the low numbers of mental health service providers in these areas.

More information

More information about this and other population health topics is available on our Resources page.

Links to other information from some of our key data sources can be found on the Other information about health in our region page.

For any other information or enquiries please contact the Health Planning and Performance Team by email:

Health Planning Compass

For more information about the people in our region and their health, see the Primary Health Network's Health Planning Compass

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