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Con's Story

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I own my own GP practice on the Central Coast and can really make an impact on our community.

Con, Central Coast GP

I run and operate my own GP practice on the Central Coast with my wife by my side. We’ve had the opportunity to design our practice in The Entrance the way we wanted to – we offer an allied health service, so we have a mental health nurse, podiatrist, physiotherapist and other health specialists to provide a full service to our patients.

The Central Coast has afforded many opportunities for my family and I. We enjoy the lifestyle we’ve always wanted. My wife has been able to pursue her own career as a Practice Manager, and I’ve been able to give back to the community by participating in important health committees and providing training to university students.

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We’ve been on the Central Coast now for over a decade and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy the city, the coast and the bush in one location

My GP career has taken me to many parts of Australia. I studied in South Australia and decided to go out to the bush in Wagga Wagga. However, there isn’t much colleague support for a GP working rurally – the next GP could be towns away. I also wanted to support my wife in her own career aspirations and together we wanted to have a family.

Central Coast offers the right balance of career opportunities, the lifestyle, and is a great area to raise our two kids. I loved the bush and wife loves the sea. We live in a beautiful acreage home within minutes of the local beach, which means we enjoy the best of both worlds.

You basically get the benefits of a small city, and a big town. There are the challenges of different patient needs with the support of specialists and GP colleagues nearby who have actually become our friends.

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It’s all here, and it’s available to you if you want it!

More support for GPs to foster growth rather than compete

Making an impact and supporting the community has always been important to me. If you feel that way too, you’ll enjoy the opportunities to have a voice on local committees and community-based organisations.

I am on a number of committees and was the founder of the Central Coast General Practitioner Association. The Association gives a voice to GPs in the area so we’re represented to government bodies and other healthcare professionals.

In addition to opportunities to educate the next generation, there are plenty of occasions where we can collaborate and innovative as colleagues, rather than compete amongst one another. You don’t get that same experience in Sydney and out in rural areas.

More time to live

The Central Coast offers me so much more than a career. Working here gives me more time and more reason to get outdoors and take every chance to do fun things with the family. We love surfing, jet skiing, boating and camping as a family.

With the beach on one side and beautiful bushland on the other, there’s not much more we could ask for!

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Living in the Central Coast really gives you more out of your career and life as a whole!

If you’re looking to get more out of your career, time with your family, make an impact on your community and live life to its fullest, Central Coast is hard to beat!

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