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Real Stories from Central Coast GPs

Experience the real stories from GPs who have chosen the Central Coast for their career and lifestyle.

Many of the Central Coast GPs started out just like you. They moved from bigger cities to experience a more laidback lifestyle. They wanted to develop more meaningful patient relationships in a smaller area. They wanted to find the perfect work-balance and escape the hourly long commute to and from the medical practice. And, they wanted to live the way they love – whether that be by the beach, in amongst the greenery, or on an urban setting.

Some of our GPs were born and raised in the area and loved it so much they could never imagine leaving. Other’s moved here for their careers and families.

Whatever their driving force, all of our Central Coast GPs found their own way to thrive here with lifestyle, community and educational opportunities aplenty.

Making the change

Moving to the Central Coast to work as a GP isn’t just a location change, it’s a lifestyle change. Becoming a Central Coast GP means experiencing a new approach to work. GPs in the area are dedicated to working with a collaborative approach both with staff and patients, and with each other.

There are specialists nearby, quality hospitals and medical facilities as well as the ability to have as much involvement in your patient's wellbeing as you choose. You’ll be making a greater impact on the community and on your career in a region where you really can make a difference.

A move to the Central Coast means more work flexible hours so you can enjoy the lifestyle and more time with your family.

Real Stories

Don’t believe us? Hear from some Central Coast GPs about their stories and why they choose to live and work on the Central Coast.

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Check out our orientation guide for moving to the Central Coast.

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