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Ellis' Story

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The benefits of a large city, like Sydney, are still so close, and yet I can really make a difference here in my patient’s lives.

Ellis, Central Coast GP

I moved from India to Melbourne with my wife and two sons to begin my GP career in Australia. I’ve always wanted to do something that my kids could be proud of and that gave them the best start in life.

We lived amongst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne for a number of years, but I grew sick of the long commute that meant I didn’t get to spend as much quality time with my family. I wanted to find the right place for the boys and somewhere my wife could work in her profession as a nurse.

A GP opportunity came up in Central Coast at a great medical centre in Lisarow. As someone early in their GP career, I wanted to make sure the job was the right fit for me and the location was right for my family, so I made the move first while my family stayed in Melbourne.

I couldn’t ask for more in my work and my life!

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I’ve practiced as a GP for a year now, and I can’t see our family moving elsewhere.

Have more of an impact on your patient’s lives

To me, a GP career means more than simply treating a patient and moving on to the next person. Working in a smaller area, I can pay closer attention to my patients and really understand their needs.

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I like helping people, so it’s important I can see that I’m making an impact.

A lifestyle that makes it worth the move

The transition from Melbourne to the Central Coast was easy and hassle-free. We found a great school for our boys and there were plenty of extracurricular activities for them too. We love soccer and cricket and having facilities nearby for the boys to be involved in sport was important.

I also wanted to support my wife in her own career. She found a job as a nurse at Gosford Hospital easily and has been able to pursue her own work aspirations, which is rewarding to us both.

More time for family

The Central Coast has the benefits of a large city, without the congestion and overcrowded areas. It’s the perfect place in between the mountains and the sea.

Living here has given me more time to help the kids with their homework in the evening, spend time with my wife before she goes on night shift, and even take a little more time for myself out on the bike.

Better yet, every day here is different. I get to work with an interesting mix of patient needs where I get to put my studies into action.

The collaborative and supportive approach that GPs in Central Coast share makes you feel part of something bigger. You don’t get that in big cities.

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I only have one regret about moving to the Central Coast – I wish we’d moved sooner!

If you’re looking for a location that provides the perfect balance between family and work as a GP, Central Coast is hard to beat.

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