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Elly's Story

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I can have the flexibility to have a meaningful career as a GP and be a mum.

Elly, Central Coast GP

There is an assumption out there that work-life balance and career success aren’t compatible. And that if you work as a GP outside of main metro areas, like Sydney, you won’t have as many career prospects. Which means people are spending more time on the train or bus, away from their family, trying to do it all, but not really getting anywhere.

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I’ve worked in Sydney and overseas and there is simply no place like the Central Coast if you’re looking for work-life balance, a meaningful GP career and to start a family.

More opportunities for your career

My career, and my partner’s who is also a GP, have blossomed here.

Central Coast has so many opportunities for career success. You have the opportunity to advance here, the chance to be involved in the academic side, and the ability to have a real voice on health matters that concern the community.

I’ve been part of a lot of steering committees at a state level, which has involved overseeing health modelling and protocols, such as the COVID-response and Aboriginal health.

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I love the impact I can make. I love the versatility of my job.

And the network of GPs here is extremely supportive. There are many groups that bring colleagues in the area together so we can collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another. You don’t generally see that level of cooperation in big cities.

I can build my time at work around my kids

One of the best things about living in Central Coast is the ability to shape your work not just for a successful career, but also for your lifestyle.

The pristine beaches, green nature reserves and small water-side communities attract an outdoorsy lifestyle, where prioritising recreation is simply accepted. Most GPs, like myself, work just four days a week. You’d be crazy to do more and miss out on the natural wonderland that surrounds us.

I enjoy getting out on my bike and exploring during my time off and in the mornings before work.

And as a mum with two kids, I love that I can build my working week around their needs and easily pick my kids up from school and take them on adventures in the area.

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My practice is close to my home and the flexibility my work offers means I can duck out to be present at school assemblies, do shorter days so I can take the kids to Nippers, and spend more time with my family.

Working as a GP in Central Coast is doesn’t need to be a 9-5 job if you don’t want it to be.

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