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Documents and Publications

Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN (the PHN) understands the importance of effective communication in building trust and credibility with our stakeholders and communities. Our range of corporate documents - including annual reports, papers, strategic plan, frameworks, policies, and case studies - are essential tools that allow us to communicate our values, goals, and achievements with our employees, partners and the broader primary healthcare community.

On this page, you will find valuable insights into our range of documents and resources and their function in keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged with our work across the primary care sector.

From sharing our vision, values and mission to showcasing our impact through case studies and health data, our corporate documents reflect our commitment to transparency, accountability, and excellence in everything we do.

Corporate Documents

Strategic Plan

With a vision for Healthy People and Healthy Communities our purpose is to increase the equity of access to primary care services. The PHN’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan represents our strategic intent, our role, priorities, and the outcomes we aim to achieve between 2023-2028.

A comprehensive snapshot of the diverse year one projects set in motion under our 2023-2028 can be found below under 'program documents and frameworks'.

Annual Report

The PHN’s Annual Reports highlight our achievements, challenges, and financial performance. We’re pleased to share just some of our stories of Innovation and Impact from 2022-2023.

A condensed PDF version of the PHN's annual report is available here.

Annual Report Downloads

Innovating in Primary Care

Since the inception of the Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network (the PHN) in 2015, our firm vision has been to focus on innovation in primary care with a desire to effect change at both a program and systemic level.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy

At our PHN we value diversity and have focused on making this a core part of what makes us great. The 2022-2025 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy is critical to delivering our community, workforce and cultural objectives, aligning to our PHN strategic purpose of “keeping people well in our communities through innovation, performance, collaboration and local engagement”.

Program Documents and Frameworks

Rural Health Access Framework

The PHN will use this framework to guide our decisions in four focus areas which serve to foster engagement with rural people, support and grow a rural workforce, undertake rural activities to address inequity, and ensure we commission rural primary care services.

Preventive Health Framework

The PHN’s framework for preventive health is focused on people and their health. A key outcome expected is to inspire healthier people and communities by leveraging established systems and associated projects. This will be achieved through focus on, and delivery of the priorities associated with the strategic plan.

First Nations Health and Wellness Framework 2023-28

This framework sets expected standards for cultural competency for staff and PHN stakeholder and guides on us how incorporate culturally responsive attitudes, values and behaviours into their everyday work. The framework gives us a basis to reflect on our approaches to First Nations health and engaging the First Nations community.

2023 - 2028 Strategic Plan Year One Project Profiles

The one-page profiles provide a comprehensive snapshot of the diverse year one projects set in motion under our strategic plan spanning from 2023 to 2028. These profiles serve as succinct overviews, capturing the essence and objectives of PHN initiatives undertaken during the inaugural year. The projects are strategically categorised into implementation, development, or evaluation phases. Each profile provides a condensed glimpse into the aim, beneficiaries, partners, and anticipated objectives of these initiatives, offering a streamlined understanding of the endeavors that form our strategic vision.

Health Planning

The PHN's Core Needs Assessment (CNA) is the first stage in the broader PHN commissioning framework and provides the basis for planning and commissioning of services. The CNA identifies the health and service needs of the HNECC PHN population and inform the PHN’s understanding of our region. We have also created a range of resources to assist with health planning in our region, integrating, analysing and summarising information and data from many sources.

Research Publications

The PHN is committed to supporting translational research that aligns to our key priorities to achieve better health outcomes in our region.


To ensure our PHN operates efficiently and complies with all relevant government regulations we maintain a set of regularly updated policies and procedures.

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