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First Nations Health

Hunter New England and Central Coast (HNECC) PHN acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands we walk, reside and work upon. We pay our respects to First Nations people and value the continued connection to culture, country, waterways and contributions made to the life of our vast region.

Closing the Gap in Primary Care

We work with our communities and health providers to improve access to services, promote health literacy and support the management of health conditions for First Nations people living and working in our region.

Current First Nations Health initiatives

715 Health Check

The aim of the 715 Health Check is to help ensure that First Nations people receive primary health care matched to their needs, by encouraging early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause morbidity and early mortality.

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Learn more about 715 Health Check

Healing Forums

The PHN Healing Forums across Taree, Inverell and Cessnock were designed to increase access to First Nations community-identified approaches to improving the healing and wellbeing needs of HNECC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Learn more about Healing Forums

Grants Program

To support our vision of Healthy People and Healthy Communities we have developed a Grants program. Our Grants program addresses local health needs and priorities by providing grant funding for innovative programs and projects throughout our region. Grants are one-off funding opportunities and are not guaranteed on-going funding.

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Learn more about Grants Program

First Nations Health & Wellness Framework

Primary health is a fundamental cornerstone of wellness and wellbeing for First Nations people which contributes greatly to achieving the Nations Closing the Gap targets. This is why the PHN is focused on First Nations work and improving health outcomes. This Health and Wellness framework provides an impetus for change and dialogue about achieving improved health outcomes.

The framework builds upon recent work including the Healing Forums conducted in 2020 and the original Aboriginal Health framework published in 2016. This framework sets expected standards for cultural competency for staff and PHN stakeholder and guides on us how incorporate culturally responsive attitudes, values, and behaviours into their everyday work. The framework gives us a basis to reflect on our approaches to First Nations health and engaging the First Nations community.

Latest First Nations Health news

September 19 2023

The PHN supports Koori Knockout through First Nations Health and Culture Pilot Project

The PHN is committed to enhancing health outcomes and acknowledges the importance of physical activity. The Koori Knockout event centres around fitness, fostering community connections, promoting social and emotional well-being, and strengthening cultural ties among participants.

Learn more about The PHN supports Koori Knockout through First Nations Health and Culture Pilot Project

First Nations Health Access Team

To enable us to support our First Nations communities we have established a dedicated First Nations Health team. The team work closely with local First Nations organisations and service providers, forming strong relationships that help identify regional needs and in turn close the service gap.

Profile image of Kristy Lee Priestly

Kristy Lee Priestly

First Nations Health Access Manager
Phone Email

Phone Number

0436 656 640 Call now
Profile image of Robbie Watson

Robbie Watson

First Nations Health Access Officer | Hunter Mid-North Coast
Phone Email

Phone Number

0447 584 952 Call now
Profile image of Josh Fuller

Josh Fuller

First Nations Health Community Engagement Officer
Phone Email

Phone Number

0429 232 898 Call now
Profile image of Bree Foyle

Bree Foyle

First Nations Health Access Officer | Central Coast
Phone Email

Phone Number

0417 639 294 Call now
Profile image of Jamie-Lee Norris

Jamie-Lee Norris

First Nations Health Access Officer
Phone Email

Phone Number

0447 049 159 Call now
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