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Health care commissioning is defined as the process of “planning and purchasing health services to meet the health needs of a local population” . It is a continual cycle that involves planning, designing or procuring, monitoring and evaluating health services to make sure they are performing well and improving the health of the communities that they work within.

HNECC’s approach to commissioning involves an ongoing collaborative relationship with service providers, clinicians, consumers and other stakeholders so that services are designed and delivered to meet community needs in key priority areas.

This diagram outlines HNECC’s commissioning cycle:

Ref: The Kings Fund (2014) Briefing - Clinical commissioning: what can we learn from previous commissioning models?

HNECC is one of 31 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) funded by the Australian Government to commission programs and services. Commissioning is a core activity of PHNs, and underpins all the work that we do. PHNs do not provide health services, but rather commission them and support service providers to improve efficiency and quality.

Commissioned service provider toolkit

The toolkit gives service providers an understanding of the purpose and roles of Primary Health Networks, and specifically our PHN.

By clearly articulating the role of the PHN and the service provider, we will be able to work together more effectively to improve health outcomes for our communities.

Latest commissioning news

May 30 2024

Cemplicity Help Centre

Cemplicity has a dedicated Help Centre available to support commissioned services work with the YES PHN Survey data. A range of data is available in the Cemplicity Dashboard based on survey responses that are received, but navigating the dashboard to fully access and understand the data may sometimes be a challenge.

Learn more about Cemplicity Help Centre
May 29 2024

Cemplicity – New feature

The HNECC PHN has been working to reduce the burden of reporting for commissioned service providers by introducing Cemplicity to assist with collecting Participant Reported Experience Measures (PREMs). Cemplicity has recently introduced a handy new feature which will make it easier to share your reporting data with your organisation.

Learn more about Cemplicity – New feature

Commissioning Contacts

Amanda Martin

Manager, Commissioned Services
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