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How do I tender?

We want to get the right primary health care services in the right places in our region.

Commissioning is a new approach for many health and social care providers in Australia.

To support organisations build their capacity to respond to tender exercises the PHN releases as part of our commissioning process, we have prepared a series of webinars to explain the tendering process and help you to prepare a competitive tender response.

There are nine (9) 'Tender Prep.' modules / webinars in the series, each running for approximately ten minutes, that explain what we are looking for in your tender response, how to plan your response, how to price your services and how to write a winning response.

To view the modules / webinars click here . You can view the webinars as often and in any order you choose.

HNECC PHN uses an electronic Tenderbox called TenderLink for all of our tender exercises.

Your organisation can register as a supplier with TenderLink and will receive notifications of all future tender exercises released by HNECC.

To register with TenderLink click HERE

Registration instructions in a PDF format can be downloaded HERE

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