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Allied Health Support Snapshot

Allied Health Strategy

In partnership with Allied Health Professionals, the PHN developed a regional specific Allied Health Strategy (AHS) for the Hunter, New England Central Coast.

Advisory Group

We set up an Allied Health Reference Group (AHRG) who provide multidisciplinary input and advice to guide the implementation of the AHS.

Commissioned services

We provide commissioned services such as the Priority Allied Health Services. We strengthen local availability of services such as allied health and mental health through commissioning activities designed to meet local needs.

Care Coordination

We set up networks to improve care coordination across general practice, allied health, hospitals, pharmacies and specialists’ services.


We support Allied Health Practices to use their data to improve care for their patients.

Digital Health

We support Allied health with My Health Record set-up and implementation as well as with other digital health innovations such as specific allied health telehealth resources.

Grants and assistance

We provide information about government funding and assistance programs.

Quality Improvement

We design quality improvement initiatives and support the adoption of best practice care across areas including chronic disease, mental health and diabetes.


We offer, and connect allied health with education, training, and networking events.

Members Assistance Program

We offer confidential and complimentary access to (3) counselling sessions for allied health employees in our region.

Clinical decision support

We offer clinical decision support tool and referral point for services in the region. To register for HealthPathways see below.

Close Out Report Allied Health Snapshot 2023

View our Allied Health Close Out Snapshot, a visual summary of some of our key activities and achievements from the PHN's 2018-23 Strategic Plan Close Out Report.

Download the PHN supporting allied health summary flyer

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