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Hunter New England SeNT eReferrals

The Primary Health Network (PHN) and Hunter New England Health have partnered on a project to improve the way referrals are received and processed. The SeNT eReferral system allows for the secure transfer of electronic referrals between clinicians and service providers within the Hunter New England Region.

Benefits of using the SeNT eReferral System

For Patients: Personal and clinical referral information is sent securely between General Practitioner and the referred service. eReferrals include what is required by the receiving service including any specific information, tests and pathology results that can be provided by the General Practitioner.

For General Practitioners: SeNT eReferral enables GPs to refer to public and private specialists, as well as allied health and community services. Patient demographic and clinical information is extracted from the practice clinical software. Provider and service information is centrally maintained and accessible from within SeNT eReferral.

For Specialists, allied health and PHN commissioned services: Referral Manager allows for the secure transfer and storage of referrals. It is a web-based platform that can be accessed easily anywhere in the practice and does not need to be integrated with medical software.

Hear from Dr Kate Thomson Bowe, Paediatrician, John Hunter Hospital on how this innovative approach streamlines the referral process for General Practitioners and enhances collaboration with triage teams.

See what our General Practitioners have to say about using SeNT eReferrals to improve their patient's experience of care in this brief video.

Features of SeNT eReferral

The SeNT eReferral system has a range of features designed to improve the user experience. The PHN proactively responds to feedback. Currently, the SeNT eReferral system features:

  • Parking referrals – referrals can be parked and completed later. All information populated in the referral prior to parking will be saved.
  • Update, continue and withdraw– GP users can update an existing referral with additional information. Users can create a continued referral when the patient’s current referral is reading the end of its funded lifetime. Users can also withdraw a referral as required if it is no longer required.
  • Practice view – all users can now see all SeNT eReferrals that have been parked or submitted for all patients within the practice when SeNT is launched. This feature will benefit the practice by providing a better administrative overview for all eReferrals.
  • Copy referral – GPs and Nurses can copy an existing referral (parked or submitted), creating a new referral pre-populated with content from the original referral. The copy function will save users time by creating a new referral without having to retype or enter all the original data.
  • User roles – nurses and practice managers can now use the SeNT eReferral program to enhance the workflow in general practice and Chronic Disease Management clinics.
    • Nurses can commence and park referrals for GPs to review, edit and submit.
    • Practice Managers can access the list views for Patient and Practice contexts.

Referral Manager (receiving SeNT eReferrals)

Private specialists and allied health providers and PHN commissioned services receive SeNT eReferrals from GPs into the Referral Manager. Referral Manager is a web-based platform that informs providers when they have received a referral and directs them access to the referral. Access to Referral Manager is fully funded by The PHN. If you would like to register your interest, please contact

Need Support?

General Practitioners

If you would like to have SeNT installed for free, please click here to complete the short form

If you would like further training or an update on how to use SeNT eReferral please contact the PHN Digital Health Team via email:

If you require technical IT support with the program, please contact BPAC Clinical Solutions on the phone 1800 247 544.

If you are using SeNT software and you have noticed missing referral or service information, please go to the HealthPathways website and send your feedback via the blue feedback button on the bottom of the page.

Specialists/Allied Health

If you currently use Referral Manager to receive SeNT eReferrals and require assistance or if you are interested in receiving SeNT eReferrals please contact the Digital Health Team

at or call 1300 859 028.

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