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Psychosocial Support Program (High Needs Services)

Commonwealth Psychosocial Support Program (CPS)

(Previously known as Psychosocial Support Services)

The PHN has commissioned Commonwealth Psychosocial Support (CPS) to be delivered across our region. The CPS provides non-clinical services to people with severe mental ill health that helps build functional capacity to enable personal recovery. Individual services are designed to be goal-orientated and short-term, and intended to build participants' ability and skills in managing their mental illness, improve their relationships with family and others, and increase social and economic participation.

This CPS program is free of charge and is available to people with severe mental ill health who are not eligible for assistance through the NDIS and are not supported through other psychosocial programs. Referrals can be made through a GP, Community Health, Service Providers, Community Organisations or self-referral (i.e. people can contact the service provider directly)

Details of providers are below.

GP Psychiatry Support line

GPs are still able to access the GP psychiatry support line on 1800 16 17 18 for advice on the management of patients.

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