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Integrated Team Care (ITC) Program

The Integrated Team Care (ITC) Program is a service that contributes to improving health outcomes for First Nations people with chronic health conditions through access to care coordination, multidisciplinary care and support for self-management.

It improves access to culturally appropriate, mainstream primary care services, including but not limited to, general practice, allied health and specialists.

Almost half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live with at least one chronic condition. Heart disease and diabetes are the two leading causes of death for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Chronic conditions require complex health care across various types of health services. This program provides support to help patients understand and manage their conditions.

The program funds Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to engage health organisations, which provide individual support to clients of the program by:

  • Making sure clients can access the right care when they need it, including specialist and allied health care
  • Linking health care across various services
  • Ensuring quicker access to health services
  • Setting clear care pathways
  • Helping mainstream health services provide culturally appropriate care

More information on the program and the organisations delivering the program is available through the links below. Health professionals can access the referral form and patient consent form via our HealthPathways sites.

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