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Relocation Campaigns – Recruitment and Retention

A helping hand

The PHN has adopted several strategies to attract health professionals to the Hunter New England Region.

The "Consider a move" landing page is the primary resource for both the recruiter and the potential health professional considering a move.

The relocation campaign encourages a sea change or a tree change to one of the great regions within our PHN footprint.

As a result, we're pleased to partner with Big Sky Relocations to provide a snapshot of the cities and towns we are proud to represent.

Other recent recruitment and retention activities include:

  • Digital marketing campaigns across the Meta social media channels.
  • Qantas magazine full page advertisement featured on Qantas flights and business lounges across Australia.
  • Print distribution campaigns promoting GP Bush grants.
  • Local life manuals promoting the PHN amazing rural regions and encourage potential health professional to consider a relocation. The town-based information highlights the towns liveability for health professionals and their families.
  • Welcome Ambassador Program – a solution to health professional retention. The Welcome Ambassador connects to the new GP with their new community. This 6-month program is to connect personal interests with communities-based activities.
  • The PHN Grants program - view current grant opportunities and express your interest in a PHN Grant.

Left: Qantas full page advertisement. Right: Print distribution campaign.

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