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First Nations Support Request

The PHN First Nations Team (FNT) is committed to providing support to General Practitioners (GPs), Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), Integrated Team Care Providers (ITC) focusing on the delivery of culturally appropriate healthcare. Our support encompasses:

  • Cultural Safety Training: Education for medical staff about First Nation history and the barriers to accessing mainstream GP services, aimed at fostering culturally safe practices within your team.
  • Asking the Question: Strategies for asking patients if they identify as First Nation in a respectful manner, underlining the importance of this practice.
  • Closing the Gap Incentive (CTG): Guidance on the CTG prescription incentive, including eligibility criteria and the process for registering First Nation people for this incentive.
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and Indigenous Health Incentive (IHI): Information on eligibility and how to access these incentives for your general practice to improve Indigenous health outcomes.
  • Health Assessments: The significance of the 715 health check for First Nation patients and encouraging their participation.
  • Integrated Team Care (ITC) Program: Detailed information on the ITC program, designed to support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people with chronic conditions, ensuring they receive coordinated care through the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams. We emphasise the ITC program's role in providing patient-centered care, navigating the complexities of chronic disease management, and facilitating connections with appropriate health services.
  • Education for Allied Health Services: Specialised educational services for Allied Health professionals to enhance their understanding and service delivery to First Nations communities.
  • Collaborative Support: We encourage strong collaborative networks between PHNs, AMS, integrated care teams, and other health services to improve funding navigation and streamline patient care.
  • Resource Provision: Distribution of newly designed, culturally-tailored resources that align with the needs of your practice.
  • Flexible Education and Information Sessions: Delivery of educational and informational sessions either face-to-face or virtually, arranged at times that best suit your practice's schedule.

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