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Grants Program

To support our vision of Healthy People and Healthy Communities the PHN delivers an annual Grants Program. The Grants program addresses local health needs and priorities by providing grant funding for innovative programs and projects throughout our region. Grants are one-off funding opportunities and are not guaranteed on-going funding.

Funding for the grants program is determined on a yearly basis and is dependent on available funding and current health priority areas.

Since July 1 2021 the PHN has awarded over 250 individual grants ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 to various primary care providers and community organisations.

Current Grant Opportunities

Current opportunities are posted below and promoted via HNECC PHN Announcements on our news & announcements page. With many of our sponsorships and grants being offered on a competitive basis we recommend subscribing to our Weekly Update to be the first to know when a new opportunity is released.

If you have any queries regarding our grants program please email

What type of grants are available?

There are two main types of grant opportunities that can be applied for which are described below:

1. Targeted grant rounds – these opportunities will be released at varying times throughout the year and will focus on a direct identified need, region or group of people.

2. Unsolicited grants – we will accept unsolicited or direct proposals from organisations and groups throughout the year.

To contact the PHN about a potential unsolicited grant application please refer to information on our Blue Sky Fund.

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