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Telehealth in Aged Care

Telehealth in Aged Care

Telehealth enables GPs and other health providers to see patients remotely. It is particularly helpful for patients with viruses and mobility issues, as well as for people in remote areas.

Video and telephone consultations - collectively, “telehealth” - help protect both patients and providers, preventing the spread of infection, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PHN recently interviewed staff of the Northern Coalfields Community Care Association in Cessnock about their experiences using telehealth to improve outcomes for residents. Staff identified many benefits resulting from the PHN Telehealth in Aged Care Grants program, including that telehealth:

  • equipment is convenient, and enhances GP participation in consultations with residents,
  • enables good visual communication and observation of injuries / wounds etc., during consultations,
  • reduced timeframes for clinical reviews,
  • provided an excellent platform for resident’s reviews, especially with the additional complications of COVID-19,
  • enabled nurses to do documentation immediately, and generate scripts at the patient’s bedside,
  • facilitated case conferences with families of the residents,
  • saved travel and waiting times and reduced hospital admissions, and
  • helped to generate positive health outcomes for residents in a timely manner.
View the PHN Telehealth page for more information, resources, guides and FAQs:
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