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Balint Groups in our PHN

The PHN has supported GPs throughout our PHN region to undertake Balint Leadership training so they can establish a Balint group in their community.

What is a Balint Group?

A Balint group is a group of GPs who meet monthly to discuss difficult clinical cases. The focus is on the psychological aspects of their practice, and particularly the doctor-patient relationship. The group is a supportive setting in which doctors can explore the human side of their work, adding a fresh dimension, learning new skills and avoiding burn-out.

The Balint Groups in our PHN will be in an informal meeting space where a small group of GPs can discuss difficult situations with peers. This model is evidence based, unique to other GP peer group learning sessions and practised by GPs throughout the world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the importance of the doctor patient relationship and how it can impede or improve the therapeutic outcome for the patient.
  • Distinguish how doctor, patient interactions can enhance or detract from the doctor's wellbeing.
  • Actively engage in GP peer reflection and support.

CPD Hours

This is an accredited Peer Group Learning activity, attending sessions will accrue 0.5 hours Educational Activity and 1 hour Reviewing Performance per session.

Balint Groups in your region

Balint groups will be run in Terms per year, ie. Monthly sessions from Feb – June (Term 1) and July – November (Term 2).

Central Coast GP Balint Group Meetings (Term 2 2023)

Newcastle GP Balint Group Meetings (Term 2 2023)


For general inquiries on Balint within the PHN please contact:

Sandy Vincent

Project Officer: Workforce Planning and Prioritisation
Phone Email

Phone Number

0417 702 322 Call now
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