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Central Access and Referral Service

To develop capacity and improve integration of the Stepped Care Model across our region we have co-designed a Central Access and Referral Service that assesses and facilitates client referrals to appropriate service types.

The stepped care model provides a continuum of services that offer patients a range of interventions based on their clinical presentation and need.

Services available include:

  • Level 1: Self-Management - e.g. Head to Health website
  • Level 2: Low intensity interventions – e.g. - MindHealth service
  • Level 3: Moderate intensity services – e.g. – access to a Psychologist
  • Level 4: High intensity services – e.g. – access to specialist services
  • Level 5: Acute and Specialist Community Mental Health Services – Tertiary inpatient or community-based programs

General Practice remains at the centre of the client’s care-journey. A GP Referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan is still be required to access services. While clients have the option to self-refer, they are directed back to their GP as part of the process to ensure their clinical needs are appropriately addressed.

More details are available on the links below.

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