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COVID-19 vaccination for non-Medicare card holders - reimbursement of vaccination costs

In alignment with the Commonwealth’s National COVID-19 Health Management Plan to support COVID-19 vaccination for priority populations, the PHN will continue to support providers.

Vaccination providers who COVID-19 vaccinate non-Medicare insured patients (non-Medicare card holders) may submit the associated invoice to the PHN for reimbursement.

The patient does not have to pay for their COVID-19 vaccination.

The invoice needs to state the details of the patient, details of the practice, date of service(s), and the service(s) provided, including that the patient who received the service is a non-Medicare card holder. Please note that the PHN can only reimburse item numbers directly associated with the COVID-19 vaccination, and up to a maximum amount of the standard MBS items for COVID-19 vaccination, excluding vaccine costs.

Please send the invoices to: with attention to Ellen Senft, Manager Disaster and Emergency Coordination:

This process is valid until the 30.06.2024 (prospective end of current funding period) and reimbursements after that date are not guaranteed.

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