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Dynamic Simulation for Suicide Prevention

HNECC PHN is partnering with the health research organisation the Sax Institute, to undertake a series of 'Dynamic Simulation' workshops focused on suicide prevention.

Dynamic Simulation modelling provides a tool that brings together a variety of sources of evidence such as research, expert and local knowledge, practice experience, and data to map and quantify complex problems.

The recent workshop brought together a dedicated group of Mental Health, Education, and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health professionals, along with people with a lived experience, to help map our healthcare system, identify outcomes for suicide prevention, and begin to look at what interventions might help to reduce the rates of suicide for our communities.

This was the first of three workshops that will ultimately develop a detailed model of the multiple factors impacting on suicide rates in the PHN region.

View the video to find out more about the Dynamic Simulation workshops.

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