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Have you had your 715 Health and Wellness Check?

A 715 Health and Wellness Check is a yarn between you and your GP or Nurse. In some cases it could be an Aboriginal Health Worker (AHW).

It is also a check of your health and social & emotional wellbeing and will help you learn more about your health and any risk factors.

What will happen when I have a 715 Health and Wellness Check?

The GP or nurse will talk with you about your:

  • Family history
  • Medication history
  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Mental health
  • Social & emotional wellbeing and
  • Immunisations

And they will check your height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, eye sight and ears

Sometimes they may do a finger prick test to check your blood sugar level (BSL) and offer you any immunisations you need.

Where can I get a 715 Health and Wellness Check?

You can book a 715 Health and Wellness check at any GP practice or Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS).

What happens after I've had my Health and Wellness Check?

The GP or nurse might want you to have more tests or see another health professional. When you have a Health & Wellness Check, the GP can give you 5 enhanced primary care (EPC) referrals. These are referrals to allied health workers such as a:

  • Podiatrist (for healthy feet)
  • Dietitian (for healthy eating)
  • Physiotherapist (help patients to manage pain and prevent disease)
  • Psychologist (for mental health)
  • Diabetes educator (for diabetes)

With an EPC referral, Medicare will pay some or all of the costs to see these allied health workers. Ask your GP if you will have to pay a gap fee (the difference between the allied health worker’s fee and the Medicare payment). If you have a chronic disease and a GP management plan, the GP can give you another 5 EPC referrals. If you don’t have a GP Management Plan, or you don’t know if you have one, ask your GP. A chronic disease is an illness that lasts longer than 6 months.

Who can have a 715 Health and Wellness Check?

A Health & Wellness Check is for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of any age.

Do I have to have a 715 Health and Wellness Check?

It is not compulsory, but it will help you to identify and address any health issues or needs.

When should I have a 715 Health and Wellness Check?

Every 9-12 months

What other help can I get for my chronic condition?

Integrated Team Care (ITC) is a program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of any age with one or more of these chronic conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic respiratory condition (lungs)
  • Cardiovascular condition (heart)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic renal condition (kidneys)
  • Mental health conditions
How can ITC help me?

Through the ITC program you will get help with:

  • Transport to medical appointments
  • Assistance with the costs to visit a specialist in a private practice
  • Medical aids.

You will also have a Care Coordinator who will work with you to coordinate your appointments and help you to meet your health goals.

Aboriginal Outreach Workers will help you get to your appointments, help you understand what the doctor or health worker is saying and put you in touch with culturally appropriate health and community services.

For more information about ITC, talk with your GP or one of the organisations listed below.

  • Hunter Primary Care – NEWCASTLE Ph: 02 4925 2259
  • Yerin AMS – WYONG Ph: 02 4351 1040
  • Biripi AMS – TAREE Ph: 02 6551 7444
  • Healthwise – TAMWORTH Ph: 02 6766 1394
  • Tobwabba - FORSTER Ph: 6555 6271
  • Ungooroo - SINGLETON Ph: 6571 5111

Coffee on Country - Podcast

The gap is only getting bigger, and it's time we start with health literacy. The podcast gives us a platform to reach our communities across the HNECC and our mob who we wouldn’t normally cross paths with every day.

We use the podcast to share the work happening in our communities, interview guests, have a laugh and to educate people on our health care system.

We want our communities to understand what the PHN is, what we do and who they can talk to.

- Josh Fuller, Co-Host Coffee on Country

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