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National Close the Gap Day

National Close the Gap Day, initiated in 2007, is a crucial annual campaign in Australia dedicated to addressing health disparities experienced by First Nations communities. Held every third Thursday of March, this rallying point spotlights a stark 10-year life expectancy gap, delving beyond healthcare access to recognize the interconnected impact of poverty, education, and employment on the well-being of First Nations peoples.

In 2021, the National Agreement on Closing the Gap launched with four priority reforms and 16 socio-economic targets. While some targets show progress, others demand intensified efforts for real change. Despite Australia's overall high life expectancy, this success isn't uniform for all cultural groups.

Close the Gap spotlights the hurdles faced by First Nations Australians in accessing quality healthcare and essential resources.

Advocating for healthcare choice, access, and culturally responsive systems, Close the Gap serves as a rallying cry for increased awareness, policy shifts, and collective action to obliterate health disparities.

Join the cause on Thursday 21st of March and contribute to the initiative by supporting the following:

  • Support First Nations Health - contribute to organisations boosting healthcare and infrastructure in First Nations communities.
  • Educate on Health Disparities - dive into the unique health challenges faced by First Nations peoples. Identify at-risk communities and actively support programs enhancing healthcare for First Nations individuals and their communities.
  • Promote Close the Gap - contact the campaign for materials to raise awareness and support in your local community.

For more information and resources, please visit CLOSE THE GAP.

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