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New SafeScript NSW Enhancements

SafeScript NSW, the state’s real time prescription monitoring (RPTM) system, has implemented a range of new enhancements aimed at improving the overall user experience.

The enhancements introduced include:

Interstate practitioner access to SafeScript NSW

Interstate practitioners, or practitioners whose primary place of practice is recorded in Ahpra as outside of NSW, are now eligible to access SafeScript NSW if treating a patient who lives in NSW or who receives treatment from NSW practitioners.

To find out more about this and learn how you can register, explore the following resources:

Note: Access to information that relates to prescribing or dispensing in another state or territory should continue to occur via the state’s RTPM system. For state-specific information, please review the following sites:

For further information regarding the Commonwealth Privacy requirements, see the RTPM NDE - Privacy Impact Assessment Public Summary. 

Logging in and access:

  • Health practitioners can now retrieve forgotten login details without having to contact the technical support team.
  • The Terms of Use and Access document has been updated to support interstate access.

A reminder that NSW Health staff can link their StaffLink ID to their SafeScript NSW account to streamline the log in process.

Other enhancements:

  • Patient search functionality is more intuitive, including clearer messaging about the minimum criteria required to search for a patient and the ability to open a patient record in a new tab.
  • Labels and formats of fields have been updated for clarity and ease of use, such as the date of birth field.
  • A banner has been added to the front page of the SafeScript NSW portal to provide timely updates to health practitioners about the system.
  • Links to further guidance on requirements to hold an authority have been added.
  • Links to further information and guidance on what to do in response to a specific alert have been added to the alert message in the system.

We appreciate your support and use of SafeScript NSW. We hope these enhancements help with your overall experience. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the SafeScript NSW system, please email 

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