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Parkinson’s disease 3-way telehealth appointments

In recognition of this situation the John Hunter Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic are currently piloting an alternative arrangement for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of PD to ensure timely access to outpatients’ appointments. GPs are encouraged to refer these patients for a 3-way telehealth consultation. This involves the patient participating in a tele-conference at the GP practice, with the GP in attendance and the neurologist and PD nurse attending via telehealth. The aim of these appointments is to assist and empower the GP to provide ongoing management for their patients with support and advice from the PD nurse and/or neurologist when required.

3-way telehealth consultations are available for patients who have had Parkinson’s disease confirmed by a neurologist. The patients may be at any stage of their disease including:

  • within the first year of diagnosis.
  • starting to experience troublesome motor complications not reliably controlled by medication, and in particular that change from hour-to-hour and day-to-day.
  • experiencing difficult late-stage symptoms. For these patients, however, referral to a geriatrician who may be able to co-ordinate community supports, residential care, falls and dementia care, may be more appropriate

Referrals can be made via SeNT e-referral or to the John Hunter Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic as outlined on the Neurology Referrals HealthPathway page. For more information see the Parkinson’s disease HealthPathway.

If this pilot is successful, the JHH neurology department are working towards 3 way telehealth appointments being available with other neurologists in the future.

For further information please contact our PD nurses, Evelyn Collins and Olivia Chisholm:

Phone: (02) 4985 5442, or Email: or

For HealthPathways queries please contact

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