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Research Opportunity: Perceptions of healthcare professionals on using genetics to tailor nutrition interventions for heart disease

Do you work with people with heart disease? We want to know your perceptions on using genetics to inform nutrition interventions.

Emerging research has highlighted a relationship between diet and genetics, suggesting that individuals may benefit more from personalised dietary recommendations based on their genetics.

Nutrition and genetic researchers at the University of Newcastle are conducting a brief (5-10min) survey and optional interview on your perceptions of using genetics to inform nutrition interventions and need your help!

How to get involved?

You can check your eligibility and complete the survey at

If you have any questions, please email Dr Erin Clarke

Thank you for considering this invitation for the research project “Perceptions of using genetics to tailor diet in heart disease.”

This project was approved by The University of Newcastle Human Research Ethics Committee approval number H-2023-0307

Investigators: Dr Erin Clarke, Dr Jordan Stanford, Dr William Reay, Dr Katherine Brain, Dr Maria Gomez Martin, Prof Murray Cairns & L/Prof Clare Collins

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