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Taking Stock: Suicide prevention tool for Australia's farmers

Taking Stock, a free online wellbeing and suicide prevention tool designed by and for Australia’s farmers, is now available.

Suicide rates among farmers in Australia is up to 94% higher than non-farmers. On average, one farmer dies by suicide every 10 days.

Taking Stock hosts multiple resources including films, interviews and podcasts of farmer experiences, information about how to set up a local suicide prevention group, and how to connect and engage with communities for early approaches to suicide prevention.

Taking Stock was the final stage of a three-year research project led by the University of South Australia - Tailoring Suicide Prevention Strategies for Men in Farming Occupations.

The University worked with three grassroots community groups—SOS Yorkes in South Australia, Riverina Bluebell in New South Wales, and Mellow in the Yellow (previously Live Rural) in Victoria—to capture local knowledge and lived experience.

More information about Taking Stock is available here

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