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Body Image Boot Camp: How to Improve Body Image in Our Clients

Thursday, October 24th 2024
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
$451 ($400 + GST + TryBooking Processing Fee)
Psychologist and BodyMatters Director Sarah McMahon presents a one day workshop on Body Image Boot Camp: How to Improve Body Image in Our Clients. Improving body image can be the most challenging element of working with clients recovering from disordered eating, particularly in this age of "normative discontent". Often when our clients' relationship with food is restored, they continue to experience pervasive body shame. This workshop provides an abundance of practical skills to equip therapists to target body image concerns in clients. The learning objectives of this course include understanding the magnitude and impact of body image concerns and the extent to which our clients can make peace with their bodies. Participants will deconstruct the cultural landscape that breeds body image issues and learn how to use nuanced language to reduce body shame. Additionally, the course will cover identifying clinical factors that perpetuate and maintain poor body image and implementing CBT-based exercises to improve clients' body image. Please note: this workshop is informed by the principles of a health-based paradigm as a framework for understanding body image concerns.
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