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Identification and Management of Liver Disease in General Practice

Thursday, July 29th 2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The aim of this webinar is to promote awareness, knowledge and confidence to enable you to take on a greater role in the identification and management of liver disease. The incidence of liver disease is increasing in Australia, and primary care is a key setting where the detection and management of liver disease can make a significant difference to a patient’s survival.

Learning Outcomes

1. Outline the variety of risk factors that cause chronic liver disease.

2. Describe the diagnostic criteria of cirrhosis, a type of liver damage, via an accurate understanding of investigations and clinical signs used in the assessment of liver disorders.

3. List the complications and sequelae associated with cirrhosis and cite the signs, symptoms and investigations used to identify them.

4. Explain the lifestyle, medication, procedural and surgical management of cirrhosis complications, and the role general practitioners play in the detection and management of liver disease.

5. Detail the management of a patient with decompensated liver disease in the general practice setting, the role of gastroenterologists and criteria for admission/hospital-based care.

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