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Multimorbidity Webinar Series - Multimorbidity and increased risk of cognitive decline

Wednesday, May 4th 2022
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Following the success of the first of the Multimorbidity Webinar Series, In Vivo Academy invites you to the second webinar “Multimorbidity and increased risk of cognitive decline” with Professor Dimity Pond (The University of Newcastle, Australia, School of Medicine and Public Health [General Practice]) as presenter and Emeritus Professor Mieke van Driel (General Practice Clinical Unit, The University of Queensland) as Facilitator. Multimorbidity is prevalent in the Australian and New Zealand population. Starting from early adulthood and mid-life, it has been associated, not only with impaired functional capacity, reduced work productivity, poor quality of life and psychological stress, but also with increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia at older ages. This emphasises the importance of prevention and management of chronic diseases, focusing on continuity of care and developing strategies to reduce the burden of cognitive impairment and dementia.
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