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Mundipharma Live National Webinar - Cancer pain management in Primary Care and Asthma and the small airways: treating the entire lung

Thursday, July 29th 2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Speaker - Dr Charlotte Johnstone

Cancer pain learning outcomes

• Apply the new indications for opioid analgesics into clinical practice.

• Implement a multimodal pain management plan to optimise patient quality of life.

• Identify barriers to opioid use in cancer pain.

• Address patient/carer barriers to opioid use in cancer pain.

• Explain the different roles of immediate release and modified release opioids to manage severe cancer pain.

Speaker - Prof Greg King

Asthma and small airways learning outcomes

• Understand the importance of treating the small airways in asthma.

• Recognise the role and impact of drug particle size and plume on lung deposition.

• How to individualise inhaler device choice for patients with asthma.

• Review recent key clinical data and real-world evidence for flutiform® inhaler in asthma.

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