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PrEP prescribing for GPs

Tuesday, March 15th 2022
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
This webinar teaches the 5 steps all GPs can use to use quickly, safely and easily to prevent HIV infection. PrEP empowers patients to take control of their HIV risk and has been shown to reduce HIV anxiety providing health benefits far beyond just prevention. PrEP has played a key role in NSW recording a reduction of 47% (relative to the last five years) of infections with evidence transmission occurred in the 12 months before diagnosis. Further expansion of GP prescribing is vital to continue this trend. The webinar will provide you with increased knowledge, efficiency and confidence in PrEP prescribing. Learning outcomes: - Describe risk factors for HIV infection as per the ASHM guidelines that are suitable for PrEP - Identify steps in prescribing HIV PrEP, including practice strategies for reducing barriers and HIV stigma for patients - Develop knowledge in comprehensive STI and HIV testing as part of PrEP consultations Identify complex PrEP patient presentations and support or referral pathways
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