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Risky business – Understanding and managing residual CVD risk

Wednesday, May 3rd 2023
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This webinar will explore the latest evidence on managing residual cardiovascular risk supported by a case study and include practical tools and resources to optimise CVD risk factor management within primary healthcare.

Discussion will include:  

- Current guideline-based management strategies for CVD risk reduction, including BP, lipids, diabetes medicines, antiplatelets.

- Lipid subfractions, such as Lp(a) and their use in clinical practice for risk identification and update on emerging treatments.

- Key genetic determinants of CVD and how polygenic risk can be utilised to enhance traditional screening strategies.

- Inflammatory, thrombotic and diabetes considerations for residual CVD risk.

- A case study illustrating the practical application of approaches to managing residual risk in primary care.

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