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Understanding the Social Model of Disability and How this Fosters Inclusion and Accessibility

Wednesday, September 18th 2024
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
To access this event and all other monthly CPD events, you will need to join the AHA CPD Learning Community for an annual membership fee of $99.

This webinar is not a comprehensive program on disability, because that isn’t possible. What this webinar will provide is a set of tools for the Allied health Professional to better understand and work with the unique needs of clients with a disability.

In this webinar, Tommy Trout – Founder of WeFlex – will unpack the social model of disability, the complex nature of support needs as well as accessibility, providing the participants with the tools and encouragement to begin or continue working with people with Disability.

This webinar is appropriate for anybody who has face-to-face (or even virtual) interaction with people with disability. The webinar will provide value for those with experience and those with little exposure, providing lots of real-life examples and solutions to issues common in service delivery.

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