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Summer Hazards

We're expecting a very hot and dry summer, and because of this we need to be prepared for a range of hazards including heat, bush fire and smoke. Each of these hazards can cause health problems including dehydration, heat exhaustion, coughing or breathing difficulties from smoke

Be prepared

Know your options

If your home is not cool, consider visiting public air-conditioned spaces during the hottest times of the day
Always follow advice of the authorities and emergency services
If you need to evacuate, be prepared and do so early
Don’t hesitate to ask your family or friends for help when you need it

For more information about disaster management for community members, visit Disaster Management for Communities

Need Medical Assistance?

In an emergency phone 000 immediately for an ambulance or visit the closest hospital Emergency Department.

The hospital emergency department is for major, life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

If you’re feeling unwell, or have a minor injury or illness: