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BPAC Clinical Solutions

BPAC Clinical Solutions is a clinically led health informatics organisation and a leading provider of electronic decision support and secure electronic transmission of medical data within New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

A not-for-profit General Practice organisation headquartered in New Zealand, BPAC Clinical Solutions is wholly owned by the South Link Education Trust,

Our core business is providing clinical tools and systems to the primary health sector and linking eHealth systems together to help improve the patient journey.

Our brand Valida is a suite of applications designed to assist health professionals in providing the best care for their patients. Each application targets a specific health area, acting as a virtual specialist, guiding the clinician through the collection of appropriate data, identification of areas of concern and suggestions for treatment and follow up.

Our products are integrated with a range of internal systems that:

  • Ensure quality
  • Implement security
  • Provide reporting functionality

We are excited to support the 2023 Quality and Innovation Awards and will be demonstrating our Care Kiosk (see description below). As well we have developed other software applications in our Smart Care product suite, including Care Navigator, Inbox Manager and Care Manager, that are integrated into your patient management system to improve the efficiency and safety of patient care.

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Carekiosk is a self-service clinical measurement kiosk for patients that saves time for busy clinical staff and engages patients.
It's the future of self-service patient health care management.

The kiosk allows patients to easily measure blood pressure, height, weight, body composition and oxygen saturation with the results recorded directly to the patient's Electronic Health Record.

Traditionally these measurements were taken by a healthcare professional. Using CareKiosk frees up time for clinic staff and gives patients the flexibility to get measurement checks outside of their scheduled appointment times.

The measurements from the Kiosk are sent seamlessly to the patient record allowing clinical rules to be applied to the results e.g. notification to the patient to get a blood test, or condition-specific follow-up flags for the clinician.

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