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COVID Vaccine Rollout Information Session #2

The latest update on the COVID-19 vaccines soon to be rolled out for uptake across the nation. This session is delivered by the PHN, HNE LHD & CC LHD. The session covers the following critical issues:

Types of vaccines to be distributed and their different responses to the virus; Efficacy; Side effects; Adverse reactions; Priority groups & Excluded groups.

SPEAKERS: Professor David Durrheim (Director, Health Protection, HNE LHD), Dr Kat Taylor (Director, Central Coast Public Health Unit), Patrick Cashman (Immunisation Coordinator, HNE LHD, Population Health), John Baillie (Executive Manager, PHN).

Note: Information relating to COVID-19 is changing rapidly. The information provided in this presentation was current at the time but may be subject to change. Please refer to the PHN COVID-19 information page for constantly updated information.

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