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Adopting the PHN YES Survey

The PHN has been working on reducing the burden of reporting for Commissioned Services. Part of this project was the introduction of a consistent validated Participant Reported Experience Measure (PREM) administered by Cemplicity, who will administer, collate and report the YES PHN Survey. Commissioned services are in the process of adopting this as new process.

New Horizon’s First Nation Mental Health “Wellbeing Warriors” team have been recognised as early adopters of the YES PHN Survey and were noted as having the highest number of responses in Quarter One. To celebrate this achievement, we hosted a morning tea with the team in recognition of the work they have undertaken in promoting the YES PHN Survey to their clients and the change process associated with embedding this into their workflows.

The YES PHN Survey administered by Cemplicity gives providers access to real time survey result in a dashboard that can be accessed at any time by nominated representatives of the organisation. The dashboard contains a range of data and thematic analysis of client feedback that can be used internally to support continuous quality improvement, Executive and Board reporting and demonstrate client satisfaction with programs and services to support grant or funding applications.

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