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Provider Toolkit – revised version released in May

Regularly revising resources is an essential element of supporting commissioned services to work effectively with the PHN. The Provider Toolkit has recently been revised, which acknowledges HNECC’s new strategic plan, along with an expansion of program areas and the associated PHN Team members responsible for these areas. Contact details reflect the relevant PHN Team member working in the program areas and depending on the contract/s your organisation currently hold with the PHN, may reflect different contact points if you are looking for information about these new program areas.

The Provider Toolkit also provides an outline of the PHN’s new strategic plan. This outlines the PHN’s vision and long-term goals from 2023 until 2028. The new Strategic Plan has a strong focus on delivering equitable access to primary care services through needs-based world-class commissioning, and PHN activities over the next five year will align to deliver these goals for the region.

More detail about the 2023-21028 Strategic Plan is available here.

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