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Australian Digital Health Agency Allied Health Digital Survey

The Primary Health Network (PHN) encourages all Allied Health professionals to participate in the Australian Digital Health Agency Allied Health Digital Survey. Your valuable insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital health tools and services in the Allied Health sector, ultimately contributing to enhanced healthcare outcomes for all.

The survey findings will assist Allied Health Professionals Australia (AHPA and the Agency to develop and deliver relevant resources, training and support needed to make it easier for you to understand, connect with and use digital health products such as My Health Record, Provider Connect Australia (PCA) and electronic prescribing.

Allied Health Digital Transformation Survey (

At the PHN, we are committed to improving our understanding of digital health use among Allied Health professionals to support the growth of digital maturityOur Health-e Together Digital Care Toolbox is designed to increase digital literacy, improve digital health maturity, and promote foundational digital health initiatives across our Hunter New England Central Coast region. We are actively supporting the Australian Digital Health Agency initiatives and tailoring our toolbox to meet the unique needs of Allied Health professionals and other primary care health professionals.

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