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General Practice in Aged Care Incentive (GPACI) - accreditation and exemptions for non-traditional practices

Some general practitioners that deliver care to residential aged care homes operate as sole providers and mobile practices and until recently were not eligible for accreditation under the RACGP accreditation standards.

Following consultation the definition of a general practice has been expanded by RACGP, providing an opportunity for more practices to benefit from enhanced quality and safety and practice incentive payments.

The RACGP Interpretative guide for non-traditional general practices for the purposes of accreditation provides general practices and accreditation assessors information to understand how the RACGP 5th Edition standards apply to general practices previously not eligible for accreditation. The interpretive guide outlines how indicators in the standards may apply differently or may not be relevant to non-traditional practices and those without a physical clinic premises.

Whilst MyMedicare, and the General Practice in Aged Care Incentive require a practice to be accredited, an exemption is in place until 30 June 2025. This will enable ‘non-traditional practices’ such as mobile general practitioners providing essential visiting services to Residential Aged Care Homes to participate in MyMedicare, and the General Practice in Aged Care Incentive. Follow the links below to:

Non-traditional practices do not need to indicate their intention to become accredited to register and participate during the exemption period. HNECC PHN will provide updates about the accreditation pathway and process for non-traditional practices as more information is made available by accreditation agencies.

Maintaining and improving access to care for residents living in aged care is a priority for our region. We invite non-traditional practices, particularly those delivering essential visiting care services to Residential Aged Care Homes to contact us for information and to explore options for participating in accreditation and the General Practice in Aged Care Incentive.

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