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Research Opportunity - Residential Aged Care: Tell us your research priorities

Research title: Residential Aged Care: Tell us your research priorities

Research organisation: Monash University, School of Primary and Allied Health Care

Description: The National Centre for Healthy Ageing Residential Aged Care Research Network (RACReN), wants to hear what you think are the most important areas to research in residential aged care. This information will be shared with aged care researchers to make sure they are researching what matters most to everyone involved in residential aged care. We want to hear from you if you: have a family member or friend that is living, or has lived, in a residential aged care home; Live in a residential aged care home; OR Work in or with a residential aged care home - this includes PCAs, nurses, cleaners, cooks, and visiting allied health and primary care clinicians.

Research tool(s): Participation involves completing 1-2 short surveys (10-20 minutes) over the next 6 months. Participants go into the draw to win one of 10 x $100 eGift Cards. To learn more and start the survey, click HERE.

Closing date: 20/12/2023

Contact details: Dr. Katrina Long: (03) 9904 4822

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