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Health Alert: Increase in Group A Streptococcal Infections

Why was the alert published?

On 15.09.23, NSW Health released a health alert highlighting that Group A Streptococcus (GAS) infections have increased in July and August 2023, particularly in children (1).

It is important to note that notifications for Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) are reported as being double the baseline of notifications of the last three years.

Non-invasive vs. invasive GAS infection

Most GAS infections are non-invasive and include pharyngitis and impetigo.

Invasive GAS infections are identified from usually sterile sites (e.g., blood, joint fluid), and complications may include sepsis, scarlet fever, necrotising fasciitis, ARF, and glomerulonephritis. ARF and subsequent rheumatic heart disease (RHD) are the most severe and life-threatening post-streptococcal diseases (2).

There is evidence that preceding respiratory infections (such as influenza) may lead to a higher risk for adverse outcome of GSA infections in children (1).


Commonly, non-invasive GAS infections act as a precursor to ARF and RHF, and adequate first-line treatment becomes vital in preventing invasive GAS infections (2). The NSW Health Alert includes guidelines for management of non-invasive and invasive disease, incl. ARF (1). More information is also available on health pathways (3). If you suspect sepsis, consider a first dose of appropriate IV or IM antibiotic and arrange immediate transfer to hospital (1).

Who is particularly at risk?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Maōri people display a higher disease burden of GAS (1, 2), and disease incidence is particularly high in the very young and very old (4).

Media releases

NSW Health has released an additional community facing article about the increase of GAS infections (5).

Another useful guideline is the flowchart from e Therapeutic Guidelines for assessing and managing sore throats Topic | Therapeutic Guidelines (, and Therapeutic Guidelines has a podcast available on the topic (6).


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