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National Allied Health Engagement Toolkit Development – Program Launch

The HNECC PHN, as Chair of the National Implementation Framework Group, have announced the launch of a project to design and deliver a National Allied Health Engagement Toolkit.

The Toolkit is a key initiative arising from the development of the National PHN Allied Health in Primary Care Engagement Framework that will support engagement between Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and the Allied Health sector. Its goal is to provide practical resources and guidance to support allied health professionals and their practices to engage with local health systems, PHN programs, and government primary care initiatives. The Toolkit will also be supplemented by an Implementation and Change Management Plan that will guide PHNs in the application of the Toolkit.

Scyne Advisory will work alongside Implementation Framework Group, who are leading the delivery of this initiative. The Implementation Framework Group (IFG) was established to oversee the implementation of initiatives in the National PHN Allied Health in Primary Care Engagement Framework.

Scyne has partnered with Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) who will provide specialist sector advice and support to ensure the Toolkit and design process is practical and relevant for allied health professionals.

The PHN recognises the diversity of the community of Allied Health professionals and local primary care systems across the nation, and therefore engagement in key phases of the project is paramount.

The key phases of the project that require input from PHNs are the following.


  • Online national survey link: A national survey specifically for allied health providers has been launched that will inform the focus areas of the Toolkit. We encourage you to reach out to your allied health providers in your region to inform and encourage them to be active in the survey until 16th June.
  • Consultations: In June, we will engage with PHNs, allied health peaks and providers through a series of workshops to gather valuable insights into priority areas and resources for the Toolkit. You will be contacted again in the coming weeks to invite you to participate in these workshops.
  • Resource collection: In August, PHNs will be invited to identify and submit resources that may be practical and relevant for the Toolkit.

Together, lets develop a Toolkit that lays the foundation for effective allied health engagement and a better-connected primary care sector!

To participate in the first phase of consultation, the PHN asks Allied Health professionals to visit:
National Allied Health Engagement Toolkit: provider survey (

Please direct any queries to:

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