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National Pain Week 2023 - 24-30 July

National Pain Week 2023 is Australia’s annual awareness event for chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Australia wants to draw attention to the experience of people living with chronic pain and, by doing so, reduce the social and other barriers related to living and managing chronic pain.This year’s theme ‘Let them know how strong you are’ and ‘painchanger’ aims to break down the stigma of talking about and seeking care for people experiencing chronic pain. Many are taught to hide their pain for fear of appearing weak.

The “she’ll be right” attitude is often adopted when addressing individuals chronic pain, leading to worsened, long-term impacts for both themselves, their family, friends, and colleagues.

This National Pain Week, Chronic Pain Australia are encouraging a national conversation around people who live with chronic pain. By creating national conversations, Chronic Pain Australia spread useful resources and tools for those living with chronic pain. Chronic Pain Australia often hear people describe trying a new pain management tool as a ‘gamechanger’, so they have created the theme ‘painchanger’ as a play on words for this year’s theme.

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