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New isolation protocols for COVID-19 positive cases

From 9 September 2022, isolation periods for COVID-19 positive cases will reduce from seven to five days following a positive test ONLY IF you have no symptoms on Day 5.

Seven days isolation remains for workers in high-risk settings including health care, aged care, disability care, correctional facilities, and those providing care in the home. If you work in one of these settings speak to your employer before returning.

After leaving isolation, wear a mask when near or talking to other people and avoid visiting high risk settings (health care, aged care, disability care or correctional facilities) until after day 10.

If you have a severely weakened immune system (such as you are a transplant recipient or are receiving chemotherapy) you should take these additional precautions for a further four days (a total of seven days following release from isolation i.e. until after day 14)

Isolation means you:

  • Must not leave your home or isolation location, except in an emergency or to get essential medical care
  • Must not go into public places including work and shops
  • Must not let any other person into your home unless the person:
  1. Lives with you and cannot live somewhere else
  2. Is providing medical care for you
  3. Is entering for an emergency

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